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  • Barco, headquartered in Kortrijk, Belgium is one of the world's leading suppliers for over 20 years of high quality video projection systems and has now opened a new product line with LED billboard display systems through a brand known as Signam!cs. These Barco electronic signboards are full-color, video capable screens in a range of sizes and formats available for indoor (shopping malls) and off-road (billboards) displays. The signs are available as single unit displays for typical bus shelters right up to the billboard format, or as network-capable, multi-sign setups.

    Benoit Strauven, marketing manager for Barco's Signam!cs, noted that LED billboards have begun to catch interest in Europe with several Barco sign systems currently installed. The giant Swiss media group Affichage Holding has purchased three Signam!cs LED screens for implementation in one of Switzerland's main transit points, the Bern Train Station. Two displays have been placed on its main train platform and the third, in a hallway leading to a main departure platform.

    Another client, Clear Channel Adshel, headquartered in London, UK, has established two independent LED billboard systems in sites in Nantes, France (seven screens) and in Bristol-Manchester, UK (three screens). Both LED billboard networks are prominently displayed within pedestrian walkway areas of high-profile shopping malls.

    Strauven sees LED billboards as a strategic advertising component in allowing advertisers a powerful way to reach a potential critical mass with its targeted audiences. "These animated, electronic billboards incorporated into network sign systems enable advertisers to bring a specific message at a specific time to a specific audience. For the clients who buy 'time' on the boards, it allows them a powerful advertising opportunity of cross platform advertising by presenting television ads and enforcing that campaign in specific markets with an immediate follow up on LED billboards. Other types of content, like flash animations that come from companies' websites, are also extremely impactful.

    Although print billboards are the mainstay of outdoor advertising, the addition of electronic signs is just beginning to take off. Agreed they are now more expensive than print billboards and that there are also (and probably always will be) sign code issues with their installations, it's more an issue of understanding their point of development as an evolving technology. To put a mark on that would be to say LED video billboards are in their Kitty Hawk days now and as to what kind of an impact electronic billboards will have as a companion outdoor advertising system remains to be seen. Certainly, the next time you're cruising the highway, the flashing lights on the side of the road may not be smoky (police patrol), but might, as easily be a new LED signboard. As for electronic sign networks, it's a natural outgrowth of a growing population of single signs and more a matter of time as outdoor ad agencies become comfortable with electronic billboards as a niche advertising system.

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